Tutorial 5: Digital stories – iMovie and special effects

From class blog: Using iMovie  Using iMovie on the iPad (iOS8 and above) Using MovieMaker Some simple filming tips Although the examples here are from a gardening and pruning (??!!) course assignment, the basic principles are very  useful for filming as well as showing how to upload to youtube. Tutorial activity Stormbreaker You are going to make your... Continue Reading →


Tutorial 3: Using the IWB

Creating a word sort activity. Using the file from today's lesson I created a word sort activity that could be used on the IWB. The word sort activity is based on Cunningham and Cunningham's (1992) Working with Words Block. Using tiles on the IWV to manipulate into words (beginning with short and building into longer words)... Continue Reading →

Tutorial 2: Building digital resources

Evaluating information online Criteria to consider: Is the information easy for us to read? Well organised with navigation guide, subheadings etc.? Does it use photos, videos etc. effectively? Does it help answer our questions? Is it reliable? Reading the web 1. A website that has information about Australia that is clear, age appropriate (Stage 3)... Continue Reading →

Tutorial 1: Herman & Rosie

Principles for developing technology and literacy: (From Ewing, Callow and Rushton (2016) - referred to throughout blog post) Play & Creativity opportunities – How is play and creativity fostered? Pedagogical choices – How do I involve children in using the technology? Relevant and engaging content and skills – What skills and content need teaching? Literacy... Continue Reading →

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