Tutorial 5: Digital stories – iMovie and special effects

From class blog:

Using iMovie 

Using iMovie on the iPad (iOS8 and above)

Using MovieMaker

Some simple filming tips

Although the examples here are from a gardening and pruning (??!!) course assignment, the basic principles are very  useful for filming as well as showing how to upload to youtube.

Tutorial activity


You are going to make your own Stormbreaker opening scene, complete with action disaster. Use the storyboard as your basis. You’ll need to plan, film and then edit.

 Tools – you will need

  •  film team
  • storyboard
  • ipad
  • imovie
  • action movie app


  • Form a group of 2-3 people.
  • Discuss the storyboard – make minor adjustments and assign roles (stars and cameraperson etc.)
  • Choose filming locations for scenes.

Lights, camera, action – create your very fast Stormrider scene, then return to the labs to edit and share your work.

Work out how you can save your movie to your dropbox account. Don’t forget to log out of dropbox on the ipad at the end of the class today.

Finished product:

Alex is asleep in class. 
Alex’s uncle chasing the bad guy
Alex pondering what his uncle actually does.
Alex’s uncle shoots the missile onto the bad guy.


This movie was fun to make and I can see how an activity like this would engage students. The iMovie software was relatively easy to use and once we had some time to explore the application we discovered many effects that could be used. If this was a program used regularly in the class it would be even easier for students to build on their skills. It was great to get outside, and although OH&S is a consideration as a teacher, I can definitely see the benefits of this. The storyboard scaffold was also useful in helping to keep us on track.


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